Section: Quality-Control / Bereich: Qualitätskontrolle


CLIVENT-LAB is an International Highly accepted Quality-Control-System

of food products and water management. The control-system is based on a close cooperation with experts in all fields of food and water analysis.

We have a clear understanding of your business challenges and the technical and operational know-how to offer effective solutions.

Of course you will benefit from a cooperation with our highly motivated team of an international testing-institute.

Quality-Signet for Food-Products and Drinking-Water

CLIVENT-LAB ist ein international akzeptiertes Qualitätskontroll-System

Qualitäts-Signet für Lebensmittel und Trinkwasser

Quality-Signet for Agricultural Products (Feedstuff and Feedstuff-Concentrates, Fertilizer)

Qualitäts-Signet für landwirtschaftliche Produkte

Quality-Signet for
Veterinary - Medicine - Products

Qualitäts-Signet für veterinärmedizinische Produkte

Torch in Elementary Analysis by ICP-OES
(inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry)

Process of chemical analysis for contaminations, ingredients, trace elements, pesticide and pharmaceutical residues. Our knowhow is the guarantee for reliable tests.

Brenner bei Elementanalytik mittels ICP-OES
Chemische Analyse von Inhaltsstoffen und Spurenelementen

 LC-MS Test of Mycotoxine
  MPLC Measurement

Microbiological Controls
Mikrobiologische Kontrollen

This is necessary for the hygiene of your production equipment and packing of your products.

 Mass Spectromatry Gas-Chromatography Sample Testing

Quality-Management - Consulting - Education
Qualitäts-Management – Beratung – Ausbildung

We offer a Quality-Management-System together with Consulting, Service and Education Program.
Please contact us for further information.

Quick Testing Method: New in the Testing-Program of CLIVENT - LAB
Schnell-Test-Methoden: Neu im Test-Programm von CLIVENT-LAB

Testing-Tapes to find out Residues of Nitrates, Phosphates and other Contaminations.
Teststäbchen zur Ermittlung von Rückständen von Nitraten, Phosphaten und anderen Kontaminierungen.